Accurate and precise, on or offsite services

Our technicians identify defective components and potential concerns before material leaves your plant or arrives from a supplier to ensure that your quality standards are fully met right from the start. All products are checked for non-conformances, and each identified and documented to be traceable.
Long or short term inspections of component quality and containment of defective material that has been shipped to your customer.


Revising of contained, defective components per engineering specifications. Our technicians sort and rework components at your facility, the suppliers location or our own warehouse.

Quality Liaison Program

Let our team be your eyes and ears in your customers facility when time or distance prevents you from being there. Once a week or once a month we can be your customers quality point of contact as shipments come in or problems arise.

Preparation, Design and Implementation for
Quality Certification

Virtually all companies can benefit from ISO 9001 certification. PCC has assisted manufacturing facilities in implementing an ISO 9001 compliant quality management system, and achieving accredited registration to the standard.

Tool/Machine Department

Customized gauges can usually be created with same day turn around. Innovative testing equipment, customized to your needs can be designed and built by our experienced technicians.

PPAP and Program Launch Assistance
Root Cause Analysis
Trucking/Shipping Services
Online Database Reporting 24hrs a Day


Our staff is always ready to serve your needs. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. 365 days a year! We understand that it is yours or your customer's schedule we must follow.

Our rates are among the best in the industry.No hidden charges.
One flat rate for each of our services.

Extensive and ongoing training for all our staff.


A specially trained field technician will be assigned to you at the start of your project and will remain your point of contact, 24hrs a day, until the end of the sort.

As soon as we arrive onsite we begin the containment process, determining and discovering all suspect material onsite or in transit

During this time special instructions and criteria are being created with your input, customized to your particular needs. This material is then "signed off" or "approved" by you and if needed, your customer.

Every sort inspector that works on this project is required to read these instructions and thoroughly go over the criteria then sign all material.

Each sort is regularly audited by either the onsite Supervisor and/or the Field Operations Manager. Careful attention is paid to the littlest details to ensure a strong containment and accurate recording of all available data for upload to our database daily.